Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know

Wouter De Backer

Location : Bruges, Belgium

Age : 31

Instruments: Guitar, drums, keyboards

Music Genres: Indie Rock

Album: Making Mirrors (July 5, 2011)

Somebody I Used to Know charted at #1 for more than 5 weeks (April 28 – May 26) already. This break up duet features Kimbra.

Almost all the songs at the billboard is about love and about half of that is about a break up. This song is one of them. The lyrics seems very personal I assume Gotye is talking about his pass love. Even though the lyrics are personal it still has mass appeal because I think many people experienced the same problems in a relationship.

That song starts with Gotye slowly and quietly voicing his perspective of a broken relationship. The beat starts slow and quickly picks up close to the chorus. Love was sweet but it didn’t last. As the lyrics says, break ups are rough :

“You have your friends collect your records and you change your number”

It doesn’t seem like we can be friends after a break up even though you say we can. It is just polite to say but it doesn’t mean anything. Funny how relationships work.

Now comes the catchy chorus of how Gotye describe his pass love:

“Now you are just somebody I Used to Know…”

She is nobody special, just somebody in the past Gotye used to know.

However, Kimbra tells a different story with her verse. She says that he is the that “screwed” her over. He is the one that is controlling the relationship and making her feel bad for that things that she didn’t do. The song ends with Gotye coming end singing the chorus while Kimbra seems to be screaming at him.

Somebody That I Used To Know is not considered to be main stream pop music yet very popular because listeners can relate to the melancholy of the song. This song is great! I am interested to hear about from Gotye’s album.




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2 Responses to Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know

  1. shianwrites says:

    Everyone can relate to this song. It’s funny how there is always two sides to a story… Written Zhen. Great post.

    • Zhen Huang says:

      Yup! There is always more than one way of looking at it. Love is still a mysterious thing to me. Maybe I can learn more about it by analyzing these pop songs 😛 or just meet that special someone.

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