Ed Sheeran: The A Team

Edward Christopher Sheeran

Age : 21

Halifax, England

Vocals, Guitars

Youtube Music Video

Music at its core should tell a story. Ed Sheeran’s The A Team did by telling a very sad story with its powerful imagery filled lyrics:

White Lips, Pale face,

Breathing in Snowflakes.

Burnt Lungs, Sour taste.

Light’s gone, days end

Struggling to pay rent.

Long nights strange men.

These lyrics are provides strong images connected to our five senses. Even though the lyrics seems disconnected. But this seems to parallels the main character’s troubled life. The lyrics also have a certain flow connecting to several themes providing a realistic situation that the main character is facing. These themes include: loneliness, drugs, hopes, and dreams. It is interesting to note the title, The A Team, is a subtle reference to drugs as you can also see with the lyrics:

And Go mad for a couple of grams…

And in the pipe she flies to the Motherland.

We see these situations happen around us all the time. Maybe not the exact same scenario but very similar. This is what makes it relatable and emotional.

Ed Sheeran is very talented and I can’t wait to hear more from him. However, in the mean time I think I am going to hear something a little more positive.





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  1. shianwrites says:

    He’s cute. 😀

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