Day 96: Running

– It would be great to run outside and enjoy the view.

Wednesday is running day at the gym because I hear that you are not suppose to do weights two days in a row because I have to let my body recover. It is funny I am just running at the same place on the treadmill, can be very tedious. Running is a simple body motion if you think about it, just one foot forward follow by the other with the hands going the other way. But I can get quite a workout and burn a lot of calories with running. I noticed that I burn about 150 calories in 15 minutes. That is about 10 calories per minute. Even though it is not a lot if I compare it to the donuts that I ate in morning. It does add up quickly. Running is also a great way to release stress. And when I am running, I usually let mind wander off and plan the days ahead. It is a great use of time. I think my goal for Wednesday is to run at a faster speed and maybe do some ab exercises afterward. Something to think about for next week.

45 minutes on the treadmill




About Zhen Huang

Born in China, grew up in Oakland, now a blogger.
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