Day 97: Why?

– The deconstruction

Thursday is weights day.

Why go to the gym?

I want to makes goals and reach them.


I want to get fit and be healthy.


I want to live longer?


I think this will make me happy.


Because I just want to.

Here are the numbers for the days ahead:

Morning –                                                                              Afternoon –

10 Minutes Elliptical                                                            102 Push Ups

Lat Pulldown 155 lbs 10 x 3                                               28 of 12 Ab Exercises

Shoulder Press 85 lbs 8 8 6

Overhead Press 120 lbs 10 10 8

Vertical  Chest 120 lbs 8 x 3

Leg Press 245 lbs 10 x 3

Seated Row 85 lbs 8 x 3

Assisted Sit Ups 3 x 25

Preacher Curl 60 lbs 3 x 10





About Zhen Huang

Born in China, grew up in Oakland, now a blogger.
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