Day 99: The Next Challenge

-Pull Ups

At the gym class, I was scared of doing pull ups. I could only do a few.  I think it is both physical and mental. I do not have the upper body strength and psychological I am afraid to do them. I got this pull up bar but did not make much progress with it. However, I think I am finally ready to tackle this challenge.

30 Pull Ups

This is going to be tough. One pull up does not equal one push up. I do not think I can increase the pull ups by one each day. Maybe I can do sets of pull ups. Do the number of pulls ups I am comfortable with. Do 3 sets of them with breaks in between.. 

I did 10 Pull Ups (Better than I thought)

Starting tomorrow, I will do 3 sets of 10 Pull Ups. After 3 days, I will try to increase the repetition by 1. I will try to do 30 pull ups in 3 months. I can do it! Mind over matter.

Here are the numbers for the days ahead:

10 Minutes Elliptical

Vertical Press 120 lbs 3 x 10

Compound Row 110 lbs 3 x 10

Isolateral Wide Chest 90 lbs 3 x 10

Leg Press 160 lbs 3 x 10

Ab Bench 100




About Zhen Huang

Born in China, grew up in Oakland, now a blogger.
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3 Responses to Day 99: The Next Challenge

  1. Good luck! I’m pretty sure I would not be able to do even one pull up.

  2. shianwrites says:

    My goodness. You’re doing a lot. Good for you!

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