Some Nights



Most nights tiring,

but some nights are fun.

That’s what life is all about.

I went to the gym consistently last month and doing small food changes such as eating less processed food and eating more fruits and vegetable. I am seeing and feeling some results. It feels great going to the gym in the morning. It gets my blood flowing. However, I think I can get better results if I program my workouts better.

I have been listening to TheFitCast Podcast with Kevin Larrabee during work. It got me thinking about fitness in a different light. Fitness and nutrition is very cool stuff and it is something that I am very interested in learning more and pursuing. The podcast gave me many ideas on how I can make my workout better.

Instead of doing cardio to warm up everyday other day, I can do some stretching and foam rolling. I hear this is good for massaging away tension in the muscle. In addition, I can do more weight lifting. Maybe an upper body and lower body split. It is going to take a toil on my body but I think I am ready for a challenge.

In order to reach my goals, I need to have goals that are measurable and reachable. Here are some of my fitness goals:

1. Gain muscle mass — I need to find a way to measure this. I read that gaining 1 lb of muscle a week is very difficult but possible with the perfect storm. Maybe I can gain 2 lbs of muscle in one month. That would be the goal.

2. 30 Pull Ups — This goal is more straightforward and might a part to reach goal 1. I need a progression to reach the magic number 30.

3. Squats, Bench Press — Learn the right forms to heavy lifting exercises.

More on these goals later this week.



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Side Effects


-We all make Sacrifices.

On the drive back from the gym,

I slowly opened the window.

“Close the window, it is cold outside”Alan said.




One of the many side effects of going to the gym.

Swim day is good, I looked forward to it at the weekend. I practiced my breaststroke and backstroke almost the whole time because it is mentally and physically challenging for me to do the front crawl. I swallowed a lot of water trying to practice the breathing. Hm… need some help. Let’s see what advice I can get from a Google search.

20 Laps

3 sets of 10 Pull Ups



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Day 100: Wake Up Call

-On my way!

My sister called me at the morning.

She asked me if I am going to the gym.

I said, ” I am too weak, cannot feel my body.”

“You can do it!”, she yelled.

“On my way…”, I mumbled.

60 minutes of Cycling



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Day 99: The Next Challenge

-Pull Ups

At the gym class, I was scared of doing pull ups. I could only do a few.  I think it is both physical and mental. I do not have the upper body strength and psychological I am afraid to do them. I got this pull up bar but did not make much progress with it. However, I think I am finally ready to tackle this challenge.

30 Pull Ups

This is going to be tough. One pull up does not equal one push up. I do not think I can increase the pull ups by one each day. Maybe I can do sets of pull ups. Do the number of pulls ups I am comfortable with. Do 3 sets of them with breaks in between.. 

I did 10 Pull Ups (Better than I thought)

Starting tomorrow, I will do 3 sets of 10 Pull Ups. After 3 days, I will try to increase the repetition by 1. I will try to do 30 pull ups in 3 months. I can do it! Mind over matter.

Here are the numbers for the days ahead:

10 Minutes Elliptical

Vertical Press 120 lbs 3 x 10

Compound Row 110 lbs 3 x 10

Isolateral Wide Chest 90 lbs 3 x 10

Leg Press 160 lbs 3 x 10

Ab Bench 100



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Day 98: Bicycle

-Collecting dust and need replace tire.

Friday is cycling at the gym day, to wrap up the weekdays. Get the heart beat going before work. Before I have the luxury of driving to work, I took the bus and and biked to work. It was a journey, took about a hour to get there. Sometimes it is freezing cold and windy. So I would take cycling at the gym any day. Muscles are pretty sore from the weights. But it feels nice to just sit down and pedal away.

45 minutes of Cycling



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Day 97: Why?

– The deconstruction

Thursday is weights day.

Why go to the gym?

I want to makes goals and reach them.


I want to get fit and be healthy.


I want to live longer?


I think this will make me happy.


Because I just want to.

Here are the numbers for the days ahead:

Morning –                                                                              Afternoon –

10 Minutes Elliptical                                                            102 Push Ups

Lat Pulldown 155 lbs 10 x 3                                               28 of 12 Ab Exercises

Shoulder Press 85 lbs 8 8 6

Overhead Press 120 lbs 10 10 8

Vertical  Chest 120 lbs 8 x 3

Leg Press 245 lbs 10 x 3

Seated Row 85 lbs 8 x 3

Assisted Sit Ups 3 x 25

Preacher Curl 60 lbs 3 x 10




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Day 96: Running

– It would be great to run outside and enjoy the view.

Wednesday is running day at the gym because I hear that you are not suppose to do weights two days in a row because I have to let my body recover. It is funny I am just running at the same place on the treadmill, can be very tedious. Running is a simple body motion if you think about it, just one foot forward follow by the other with the hands going the other way. But I can get quite a workout and burn a lot of calories with running. I noticed that I burn about 150 calories in 15 minutes. That is about 10 calories per minute. Even though it is not a lot if I compare it to the donuts that I ate in morning. It does add up quickly. Running is also a great way to release stress. And when I am running, I usually let mind wander off and plan the days ahead. It is a great use of time. I think my goal for Wednesday is to run at a faster speed and maybe do some ab exercises afterward. Something to think about for next week.

45 minutes on the treadmill



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